Are You Confused About Your Birth Options? Find Out How To Have A Safe Birth, YOUR Way!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you everything you need to know to make informed decisions on ALL the options you could face during labor. Don't be like most women, who wish they had realized the risks and benefits of all their options beforehand. Have the birth YOU want, without regrets!

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In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • Risks and Benefits of Labor Procedures and Interventions

    Educate yourself beforehand about the most common procedures and interventions you’ll probably be faced with in the hospital. Know your options so you don’t have to make blind decisions.

  • Both Medical and Natural Pain Relief Options

    Learn all your options to manage pain during labor so you can have the most comfortable labor possible. Whether you want a natural birth or a virtually pain free one, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the right decisions for you. You’re guaranteed to discover some pain relief secrets you didn’t know before!

  • Evidence Based Info on Newborn Procedures

    Most parents to be don’t know what procedures will be done to their new baby. This is critical information to know! Don’t risk your baby’s health. Make sure you know what procedures are routinely done on newborns so you can decide for yourself which ones you do or don’t want for your baby.

About the Author

Stephanie Mitchell is a Certified Birth Doula who's been helping women discover their birth options for the last 10 years. Having had 5 children herself, she truly "gets it" when it comes to navigating choices for birth. Her own births have ranged from hospital to home to unassisted birth on the lawn of a birth center (Oops!). She's crazy passionate about helping women to have positive births through making informed choices about pregnancy and labor and she's committed to helping women obtain evidence-based care.

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As a doula, VBAC educator and mother of six, I value true informed consent. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find in the birth world and a lot of the information available comes from biased opinion.
This book is a must have for every expectant parent. It’s jam packed with right-to-the-point information that, when lacking, can break the birth experience for all. I hope to see this book available in the offices of doctors, midwives, and in the hands of every doula. It is truth, written clearly with risk and benefit laid out in a way we can all understand.

Jessica Roberts
Jessica Roberts Certified Birth Doula
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